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Continuous Improvement (CI)
with LEAN Consultancy.

LEAN is core to what we deliver. With a range of supporting services, we help customers diagnose and solve complex problems from the boardroom to the factory floor, with emphasis on business growth, cost reduction, knowledge transfer and sustainable change

With emphasis on higher efficiency, better quality, faster customer service and waste reduction, we help customers take advantage of faster processes, lower cost and improved quality by conducting a full diagnostic in order to gain a thorough understanding of their your business.

Our LEAN consultancy includes development of a transformation roadmap, senior leadership engagement, LEAN assessment, coaching and facilitating continuous improvement workshop (Kaizen) and as well as providing LEAN training for various levels of people.

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How we adopt LEAN into our daily workflow in ACE Digital

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LEAN practices
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Data Analytics.

From decision-support tools to analytical reporting, our goal here is to help you achieve better business performance through independent review of critical issues, effective risk management and the transformation of information into actionable intelligence so as to establish a solid foundation for decision-making

Designed to support the development of solutions for decision-making problems, we work with you to process, analyse, visualise and then make sense of the information presented to ultimately improve your organisational knowledge.

We build and deliver creative analytics solutions with an integrated knowledge of real-life business challenges. Some of our Analytics and Business Insights comprise three major subgroups: Computer Vision for Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Business Insights Center of Excellence.

Computer Vision for Remote Sensing
  • Plant growth monitoring

  • Weed detection

  • Plant health monitory

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Manufacturing

  • Logistic

  • Finance

Business Insights for Center of Excellence
  • Analytic dashboard

  • Interactive visualization

  • Key Performance Indices

  • Score cards

A few insights of what we worked on:
  • Conduct R&D in image processing algorithms to formulate images analytics solutions for UAV images captured over plantation field.

  • Conduct R&D in software and hardware computing techniques to improve the performance of our custom build software applications.

  • Develop AI/ML, statistics, and BI dashboards using open source tools.

User Experience.

Digitalizing business is an inevitable transformation for wider business opportunities. While digital products mushrooms through the meeting tables, these emerging ideas had to go through series of evaluations and iterations, which, the UX division came in to picture by providing research and analysis, wireframing, prototyping, optimizing and refining the products to its maximum potential.

“We maximize the ROI from a good digital product, which has been carefully crafted to cater to the right audiences and market, driving higher work efficiencies and performances.”


With technology changing rapidly, it’s more important than ever for companies to embrace UI/UX design - not as a one-time event, but as a fluid continuous part of a long-term business strategy. At ACE Digital, we're continuously honing our applications and leveraging great design so that our clients get the most from their solutions.

Benefits of Practicing UX in the Corporate Environment:

Increases productivity and
performance (KPI + ROI)


Reduces errors, thus lower
recovery costs


Less training
and support costs


Higher user satisfaction and
retention rates


Shorter development time with
proper planning, which leads to
lower development costs


Working on the digitisation of business processes goes beyond automation of existing processes.It involves a complete reinvention of the entire business process which may involve changing operating models as well as the redesign of roles and organisational structures. Our capabilities address assessment of which business processes should be reconfigured, envisioning and design of a new future state, building of the capabilities within as well as deployment.

Focused on resolving complex technology-related challenges, our capabilities address these five areas:

In the digital world, the nature of IT delivery nowadays focus on continuous evolution of IT systems towards digital transformation agenda. DevOps which brings operations and development team together to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery, makes this shift possible.

DevSecOps an extension of DevOps that integrate security practices to the DevOps process. DevSecOps involves creating a 'Security as Code' culture with ongoing, flexible collaboration between DevOps engineers and security teams.

Leveraging on delivery experience and open source technology, Ace Digital's DevSecOps services helps our customers deliver solutions using DevSecOps practices to compete successfully in today's high-velocity business world.


How our DevSecOps can help you:

Standardize and automate the environment


Centralize user identity and access control capabilities


Automate security testing in the CI process


Automate security updates, such as patches for known vulnerabilities


Encrypt data between apps and services


Automate system and service configuration management capabilities

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