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Senior AI Engineer / AI Engineer, Analytics & Business Insights.

Job Description
  • To lead and execute projects based on corporate digital transformation strategies.

  • To work independently or in team collaboration in sharing and generating insights based on data mining, visual/descriptive analytics, machine learning, using any suitable statistical/numerical techniques.

  • Deliver business solutions and assist business groups in their quest for higher productivity, quality and process efficiency.

  • Lead, coach and delegate tasks where applicable, such as in continual improvement of predictive models for better incremental value.

  • Initiate research, experimentation, development of new approaches in high value projects deliveries where applicable.


To be successful in this role, it is recommended that you should have the following skills and qualifications:

  • Outstanding collaboration, interpersonal and communication (written and verbal) skills in English a must. Bahasa and Mandarin knowledge will be advantageous.

  • Object oriented programming knowledge, such as Java, Scala, R, Python advantageous.

  • Exposure to A.I. and analytics platforms, such as Azure ML Studio, Google AI Engine, Alibaba ET Brain, H2O A.I., SAS, TIBCO Spotfire, MATLAB, and etc.

  • Exposure to structured/unstructured data, SQL and NoSQL big data storage solutions, cloud computing, REST API, and cloud microservices.

  • Experience in building solutions such as computer vision, NLP, time series forecasting, general prediction models.

  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams.

  • Comfortable in analysing large, complex, multi-dimensional datasets with a variety of open source tools.

  • Skills in specific OS, tools/libraries, such as RHEL, Ubuntu, OpenCV, H2O, Spark, TensorFlow, Anaconda, MRO, Cran-R.

  • Process manufacturing technology & system exposure for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing, Palm Oil refining and Viscose Fibre Manufacturing will be a bonus.

  • Fresh graduates may bring along final year/internship projects in lieu of working experience.

  • Degree/Masters/PhD. in Computer Science/ Software Engineering/ Computational Statistics/Physics, or any other related computational/ quantitative discipline.


To ensure that you are qualified to be in this role, we will have a brief assignment for you to revert to us. This is crucial in order for you to be shortlisted to be part of our team.

  • The assignment will be given to you within eight (8) working hours upon form submission.

  • You will be given one week’s time from the date of submission.

  • Once you fulfill and revert the required assignment including its files, your application will be processed immediately and our representative will be contacting you soon.

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