Leveraging automation to
reinforce our Agile
team performance.

Ace Digital offers a range of testing services to meet your business requirements from web application, web services,testing, mobile application, and desktop application testing. Areas of coverage such as Sanity Test, Functionality and portfolio tests, SIT E2E Tests, Risk-based tests, Exploratory tests, migration tests, API tests, Performance tests, and Security Tests.

We are combining industry-standard open source tools and methodologies with the most experienced testers to provide higher quality at a lower cost for testing.


Amping up our team workflow.

With the recent trend going towards Agile software development, DevOps, and frequent builds, it is unavoidable to run the test faster with comprehensive coverage to improve quality and speed to publish results. Effective agile and DevOps involves practices such as ‘shift left’ and ‘continuous testing’ begin even as early as in development by automating unit and API layers. This improves velocity as less testing is needed at the UI level before going into UAT.

Continuous testing is the backbone of continuous integration to execute automated tests throughout the software delivery pipeline, automating sanity, and regression tests for each deployment. The higher success rate of automation using a stable framework, regression suite that is continuously evolved over the product change pipeline, include both GUI and all functionality tests on web applications.


More reliable


High initial cost
but high ROI in long run


Fast and
time efficient


Earlier detection
of defects

Our recent works.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a process robot that helps our Market Risk automatically consolidate 5 separate reports, thus reducing manual effort and potential for error and compare and highlight variances between before after cut off position reports by product, allowing teams to zoom and focus on these areas.


Perform month end closing quicker


Less rework of efforts and decrease overall errors

Claim Process Automation and Dashboard Reporting

We made our own implementation is aimed to automate the process of Crude Palm Oil Quality and Quantity Claims. It is an online quality and quantity variance tracking, viewing and reporting that automate of claim proposal with claimable amount according to loss quantity or offspec quality ranges.


Generation of “Claim Letter” to be sent to recipients


Tracking of cash collection against net amount


Dashboard reporting via Qlikview


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