Using crowd-sourced
alternatives to achieve
product excellence.

Open source softwares are crowd-sourced. It is code written and maintained by volunteers and community members. It is available and open to anyone who would like to copy, use, edit and contribute for any purpose. As a result, open source software has its benefits — cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and community.

Also, end-users of the software can be active in the development process by contributing directly to upstream projects, rather than passive recipients of what the software vendor delivers to them. This development model enables organizations to think differently about how they procure, implement, test, deploy, and maintain software.


Competitive features with
wider technical capabilities?

With open source software, users are provided with solutions that offer a variety of benefits: high-quality source code, stability, high performance, and a high level of security. Global communities ensure further development and promote a high level of innovation. Security gaps are quickly discovered and closed. In addition, Open Source projects often have a much shorter time-to-market than commercial software solutions, thanks to the large community.


Studier realiability


Better security


Faster time to market


More flexibility


Progressive innovation


Maximum transparency

How it benefits us and our customers ?


Open source software is more likely to provide what the end user needs because the people making it often end users themselves. Our developers contribute to the software they care about and they make it something that they would want to use—and they do it well.


With open source your business is free from the software vendor's vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities, timetables, and what you do with the software you are paying for.


Open source reduces duplication of efforts, both within an organization and across organizations, by allowing for individual components to be shared. We work more efficiently, the economy produces more (and better) software, software that can in turn, improve lives.

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