Blockchain for palm
oil traceability and

Blockchain in simple terms is a ‘digital ledger’ that is used by individuals and businesses to record transactions across the Internet network in a safe and secure manner.


Blockchain for Palm Oil Industry.

What is SUSTAIN?


SUSTAIN, an industry alliance comprising multiple various parties (e.g. oil palm growers, palm oil processors, consumer goods manufacturers, not-for-profit organisations etc.) focuses on utilizing Blockchain technology to improve traceability to production areas and accelerate the push towards NDPE (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation) compliance.

As an example, in the pilot at PT Asia Sawit Lestari, Farmers and Agents will be able to use their mobile devices to view and record fresh fruit bunch (FFB) details including volume, supplier details, history of transfer etc. This will allow relevant parties e.g. farmers, mill managers, agents, etc. to access data easier, establish traceability and monitor compliance among other benefits.


SUSTAIN aims to build in support for small farmers in meeting NDPE requirements and improving market access.


SUSTAIN aims to use Blockchain to prove palm oil provenance and hence its sustainability credentials.


Establishing a practical FFB traceability system combining incentivization and inclusion efforts for smallholders.


Partners in SUSTAIN Alliance.

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